New Titan Posters!


Description of Titan Posters


Poster A - View's from the probe, in the 4 Cardinal Directions (N,S,E,W) at 5 different altitudes above Titan's surface.


Poster B - Mercator Projection of the view from the Huygens probe at 4 different altitudes.


Poster C - Stereographic (fish-eye) view of Titan's surface from 6 different altitudes. Shows the haze layer at 20-21 km.


Poster D - Mercator projection of Huygens probe view from 10 km Altitude.


Poster E Distorted fish-eye projection of the DISR images when the Huygens Probe was 5 km above Titan's surface.


Poster F - Composite view of DISR's images taken while the Huygens Probe was setting on Titan's surface, juxtaposed with a similarly scaled picture taken on the Moon's surface. Objects near the center of the picture are roughly the size of a man's foot while objects at the horizon are a fraction of a man's height.


Poster G - When printed on letter sized paper this poster show's the size of the 'rocks' on Titan's surface in their true size.