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Note that these images are RAW and UNPROCESSED. They do not look like the test images because the test images underwent over a year of cleanup processing work; these images are simply our first impressions. Our imaging team is currently working hard to "clean up" these images and assemble them into mosaics. Keep in mind also that the DISR cameras have been traveling through space for seven years and hence are not in the pristine condition that the test sensor head was in when the test images were taken.


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These images are meant to be looked by crossing your eyes and concentrating on the center of the image, which produces a three-dimensional effect.


A colored pic of the surface! (as a .png)

The colored pictures are being developed by the German contingent of the DISR team. As of yet, no timeline for release of color images has been established.

The Huygens Landing Site (as a .jpg)

 A new colored pic of the surface! (as a .png)

This image is an average of 6 Side-Looking Imager images on the surface of Titan chosen for their relatively low compression ratio and optimum exposure time.  They were sharpened, and they were colored with a hue that averaged 22.5 and varied over the angles covered by the image as determined by the Downward-Looking Visible Spectrometer.  UA LPL-Tucson and MPS-Lindau.

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The Huygens Landing Area is situated within the context of Cassini orbiter data in this montage of RADAR, DISR, VIMS & ISS images.  As one travels in a spiral direction clockwise through a succession of increasingly detailed views, the current placement of the landing point is identified.


"The Sounds of Titan" Descent Radar

"The Sounds of Titan" Winds on Titan

Quicktime movies of the upper 176x256 frame as a timelapse of the landing site, by Ralph Sutherland: short long
(it's best to download these by right clicking and selecting 'save target as...' rather than viewing them online.)

This animation displays (color-coded) the altimetry of the brighter highland terrain cut by dendritic channels near

the Huygens landing site.  The region pictured is approximately 1.5 by 3.5 km and displays a maximum relative relief

of 150-200 m.  The overall topography is still uncertain, but the relative topography is on a firmer footing.

(it's best to download this by right clicking and selecting 'save target as...' rather than viewing them online.)

“Animated Stereo Model of Topography near the Huygen Landing Site” Topographical Animation


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