Time (MST)

Mission Event

NASA Select coverage

Thursday 13





6 – 7 AM

HSWT Meeting (ESA)



9 AM

press conference

final status news conference

Friday 14





1:00 AM


"Cassini Turns Towards Titan - Interruption of Radio Contact"


3:14 AM

entry into Titan’s atmosphere

“The Huygens probe enters the atmosphere of Titan” (live commentary)


3:18 AM

parachute deployment



3:19 AM

radio link



3:33 AM

stabilizer chute deployment



5:33 AM

impact (nominal)

“mission status” news brief


7:43 AM

end of link with Cassini



8:14 AM

first data at JPL

"Cassini Turns Back to Earth - Data Transmission Begins" (live commentary)


8:21 AM

first data at ESOC, data display in control room



10:00 AM

press conference

Huygens probe news briefing—data transmission confirmation


10:53 AM

last data at ESOC (playback #1)



3:00 PM

press conference

presentation of first triplet image