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Here is a list of other helpful web sites:

Cassini-Huygens at JPL
The Jet Propulsion Lab's comprehensive site for the mission. Includes resources for students, educators, and scientists, as well as frequent mission updates and news reports. There is also a great selection of mission images and video clips.

The JPL Store--and Cassini Merchandise!
For those of you who feel the need to boast to the world that you are working on the greatest mission of all time (or pretend that you are), you can buy your gear straight from JPL.

ESA Huygens Website
The European Space Agency's main page for the Huygens mission. Similar to the JPL site in the diversity of materials and rich content. A wide variety of multimedia and news reports, as well as a neat 3-D flash model of the Cassini spacecraft.

Titan News
ESA's most recent updates and press releases regarding the Cassini-Huygens mission. This page provides brief news descriptions of events, but links to full articles on the particular events.

What's New?
The latest ESA website updates. Also includes new postings and downloads. All new information on ESA's Huygens site can be linked to here.

The Lunar & Planetary Lab at the University of Arizona
The home server! This is the department website, which houses all of the missions and research activities taking place at the University of Arizona.

The Planetary Society: Saturn
A wealth of information, images and news articles related to the Cassini-Huygens mission.

Alpha Centauri's Universe
A link to Christopher Davis's personal site, which contains a variety of neat astronomy-related information. (And was nicely web-published, too.)

CICLOPS Homepage
The Cassini Imaging Central Laboratory for Operations website (CICLOPS) contains the latest images from the camera aboard Cassini, specifically those of Titan and other moons in the Saturn system.

ESA's Research and Scientific Support department. Includes links to what's going on in planetary exploration research projects, such as the Cassini-Huygens mission. Also includes links to astrophysics, solar terrestrial science, fundamental physics, and science operations projects.

Solar System Simulator
One of the coolest things ever! This application allows a viewer to observe the solar system (or a single planet or moon) given a date, time, and field of view from another spacecraft, moon, or planet. Definitely worth a try!

DTWG Website
The Huygens Decent Trajectory Working Group website. Includes, reports, personnel, meeting agendas, and a bit about the mission itself. Very technical, though.

Ralph Lorenz's Website
Personal homepage of one of LPL's Titan mission scientists. Includes links to his articles on tidal winds as well as other research projects.