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Nine Circles Research

Some of the research topics currently being investigated by the Nine Circles group are listed below. For details on each members individual interests see the group page.

  • Asteroid sample return - OSIRIS-Rex

  • Development of combined LIBS and LA-ICP-MS for the study of extraterrestrial materials

  • Extraterrestrial impacts and their effects on megafauna populations

  • Influence of extraterrestrial impacts on the development of human civilization

  • Formation and alteration of the CR chondrites

  • Sulphide mineralogy and partial melting experiments of R chondrites

  • Low-temperature sulphides in CI chondrites and stardust: Implications for aqueous alteration on comets and large scale mixing in the solar nebula

  • The origin of compound and deformed chondrules

  • Trace elements in chondritic meteorites and sulfides

  • Characterisation and analysis of chondrites

  • Phyllosilicate formation in the early Solar System

  • Sulfur chemistry in a water-depleted Solar Nebula

An FeO-rich BO/POP chondrule from a CR2 carbonaceous chondrite (copyright Devin Schrader).