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Artificial Object WT1190F

Discovery images of WT1190F animated

Discovery images of WT1190F 2x2

Discovery images of WT1190F from Oct. 3, 2015 10:05 - 10:27 UT, taken by Rose Matheny at our Schmidt telescope on Mt. Bigelow, Arizona. There are 4 still images presented here in an animation and in a 2 x 2 grid. This is actually the fourth time we've "discovered" this object. See Bill Gray's WT1190F FAQ at Project Pluto for more details, particularly concerning its entry into the Earth's atmosphere on Nov. 13, 2015.

Small CSS Asteroid 2014 RC to Pass Close by Earth on September 7
CNN story on 2014 RC
Travelers In The Night program on 2014 RC

First [CSS Near Earth] Asteroid Discovered in 2014 Collides with Earth - An Update (Jan.3)

Small CSS Asteroid 2014 AA Hits Earth

Travelers in The Night (See Episode on 2014 AA)

CSS discovers two large NEOs

Small Asteroid, 2013 LR6, Passes Between Earth and Moon

Eric Christensen, PI of the Catalina Sky Survey, explains the Chelyabinsk impact event.

Comet 2013 A1 (Siding Spring) will make a very close approach to Mars in October 2014

"All Clear" Given on Impact of Asteroid 2011 AG5

CSS partners with OSIRIS-REx and Target Asteroids!
Target Asteroids!
NASA announcement

CSS asteroid 2012 QG42 to pass close on Sept.10-12, 2012

Animation courtesy Remanzacco Observatory

Another tiny rock will pass Earth tomorrow (5/29)

2012 KT42 discovery images

CSS asteroid 2012 BX34 makes a close pass.

Mount Lemmon Survey 60" telescope observes the close passage of 2005 YU55
on Nov.09 0128UT, 2011.

Catalina Sky Survey was presented the "Above and Beyond Award" at the
Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve ceremony held at the
Davis Monthan Air Force base in Tucson, AZ

Small Asteroid to Pass Within Earth-Moon System Tuesday [Oct., 12]
An Asteroid Will Pass Very Close to Earth Tomorrow

Two Small Asteroids to Pass Close by Earth on September 8, 2010

Two Asteroids to Pass by Earth Wednesday (Sep.8)

CSS Asteroid to Fly by Within Moon's Orbit

CSS P.I. is SkyCenter's New Faculty Advisor

Small Asteroid 2009 VA Whizzes By The Earth
Third-closest known (non-impacting) Earth approach on record for a cataloged asteroid.
Earth almost hit by asteroid
Surprise! Unknown Asteroid Buzzed Earth
Small Asteroid 2009 VA Whizzes By Earth

Catalina Sky Survey Spawns Catalina Real-Time Transient Survey

CSS works with local community to curb light pollution.

Another CSS asteroid "buzzes" by earth!

NASA: Asteroid to flyby earth

Space Daily - DEEP IMPACT: Another Space-Rock Buzzes Earth

Siding Spring (CSS collaborators) asteroid "buzzes" by earth

A less than 50 meter wide asteroid, 2009 DD45, discovered by Siding Spring Observatory, passed within 80,000km of the earth at 13:44 UT on March 2.
National Geographic
New Scientist

UA Sky Survey Team Earns Grant, Breaks Record
posted: 08 Jan., 2008

The UA's Catalina Sky Survey has had great success finding near-Earth objects, having located about 70 percent of all such objects discovered in the last three years. The survey team, which has just received $3.16 million from NASA to continue the search, is credited with spotting more than 560 near-Earth objects last year alone . a record-setting figure . and is about to begin working with another telescope.
LPL in the Spotlight article
Full U/Az press release
Jordanian Press

Catalina Sky Survey Keeps an Eye on the Skies
posted: 07 Jan., 2008

During the fall of 2008, the Catalina Sky Survey at the UA detected an object on an earthbound trajectory that ended up creating a fireball streak in the skies of Sudan. That's the survey team's job . finding comets, asteroids and other objects. Formed in 1998 as part of a mandate from the U.S. Congress, the Catalina Sky Survey is working to help catalogue at least 90 percent of near-Earth objects that are about the size of a cruise ship, or larger.
Video here.

Impact of Asteroid 2008 TC3 Confirmed

JPL News on 2008 TC3

2008 TC3 Predicted to Cause Brilliant Fireball over Northern Sudan

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