Mt. Lemmon SkyCenter

Total Lunar Eclipse Live September 27th 6:00 MST, 2015
From the Mt. Lemmon SkyCenter!

Catalina Sky Survey

We will start uploading images at 6:00pm MST. The first images will show the moon rising above the mountains. Later we will switch to another telescope that will give us a more magnified view of the moon.

Look for Earth's shadow on the back side of our atmosphere and also on the moon during the early twilight images! It should be a beautiful sight.


  • 6:00pm MST our coverage begins.
  • 6:09pm MST the moon rises
  • 6:14pm MST the Sun sets
  • 7:11pm MST Total Eclipse begins
  • 8:23pm MST Total Eclipse Ends
  • 9:27pm MST main partial eclipse ends
  • End of coverage

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