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NameYearDegreeAdvisorThesis TitleCurrent Position
Yuan Lian2009PhDShowmanNumerical Simulations of Atmospheric Dynamics on the Giant Planets
Michael Bland2008PhDShowmanThe Tectonic, Thermal, and Magnetic Evolution of Icy SatellitesPostdoc - Washington Univ., St. Louis
Paulo Penteado2008PhDGriffithStudy of Titan's Methane Cycle
Diana Smith2008MastersMeloshViscous Relaxation of Craters on Enceladus
Nicole Baugh2008MastersBrownFluvial Channels on TitanHiRise Operations - LPL
Jade Bond 2008PhDLaurettaThe Chemistry of Extrasolar Planetary SystemsPostdoc - Steward Observatory
Catherine Neish 2008PhDLunineFormation of Prebiotic Molecules in Liquid Water Environments on the Surface of Titan
Eileen Chollet2008PhDGiacaloneSolar Energetic Particles as a Probe of the Inner HeliospherePostdoc - Caltech
John Moores2008PhDSmithEffects of Insolation on Habitability and the Isotopic History of Martian Water
Maki Hattori2008MastersHubbardMass Loss of Highly Irradiated Giant Planets
Abigail Sheffer2007PhDMeloshChemical Reduction of Silicates by Meteorite Impacts and Lightning Strikes
Gwen Barnes 2007PhDMeloshLunar Surface Geology from Analysis of Impact Craters and their EjectaResearch Assistant Professor - Univ. of Idaho
Celinda Marsh2007MastersLaurettaThermal Processing in Ordinary Chondrites
John Keller 2006PhDBoyntonPart I: Development of a Concept Inventory Addressing Students' Beliefs and Reasoning Difficulties regarding the Greenhouse Effect Part II: Distribution of Chlorine measured by the Mars Odyssey Gamma Ray SpectrometerAssistant Professor, California Polytechnic State University
Matt Pasek2006PhDLaurettaPhosphorus and Sulfur Cosmochemistry: Implications for the Origins of LifePostdoc - LPL/NASA Astrobiology Institute
Stephanie Fussner2006MastersMcEwenSearch for 938 nm Specular Enhancement on Titan
Ron Fevig2006PhDFinkOrbit-Dependent Spectral Trends for the Near-Earth Asteroid PopulationResident Faculty - Univ. of North Dakota
Curtis Cooper 2006PhDShowmanMeteorologies of brown dwarfs and extrasolar giant planetsProgrammer - Electronic Arts
Oleg Abramov 2006PhDKringImpact-Induced Hydrothermal Activity on Earth and MarsResearch Scientist - SwRI
Terry Hurford 2005PhDGreenbergTides and Tidal Stress: Applications to EuropaPlanetary Scientist, Goddard Space Flight Center
Matt Chamberlain 2005PhDBoyntonResponse of Martian ground ice to orbit-induced climate changePostdoc - PSI
James Richardson 2005PhDMelosh & GreenbergThe Seismic Effect of Impacts on Asteroid Surface MorphologyResearch Associate - Cornell
Jani Radebaugh 2005PhDMcEwenFormation and Evolution of Paterae on Jupiter's Moon IoAssistant Professor, Brigham Young University
Brandon Preblich2005MastersMcEwenMapping Rays and Secondary Craters From Zunil,Mars
Moses Milazzo2005PhDMcEwenRemote Sensing of Thermally Induced Activity on Io and MarsPostdoc - USGS
Jonathan Fortney 2004PhDHubbardThe Evolution of Giant PlanetsAssitant Professor - UC Santa Cruz
Jason Barnes 2004PhDBrownCharacterizing Transiting Extrasolar Giant Planets: On Companions, Rings, and Love HandlesAssistant Professor - Univ. of Idaho
David O'Brien 2004PhDGreenbergThe Collisional and Dynamical Evolution of the Main-Belt, NEA, and TNO Populations.Research Scientist - PSI
Pete Lanagan 2004PhDMcEwenGeologic History of the Cerberus Plains, MarsInstructor, Community College of Southern Nevada
Windy Jaeger2004PhDBakerSelect Problems in Planetary Structural Geology: Global-Scale Tectonics on Io, Regional-Scale Kinematics on Venus, and Local-Scale Field Analyses on Earth with Application to MarsResearch Geologist - USGS
Rachel Mastrapa 2004PhDBrownWater Ice and Radiation in the Solar SystemResearch Scientist - SETI Institute/NASA Ames
Matt Tiscareno 2004PhDMalhotraChaotic Diffusion in the Outer Solar System, And Other TopicsResearch Associate - Cornell
Ross Beyer 2004PhDMcEwenMartian Surface Roughness and StratigraphyResearch Scientist - SETI Institute
Fred Ciesla 2003PhDHoodThe Physics and Chemistry of Solar Nebula Shock Waves: Applications to Chondrule FormationUniversity of Chicago
Paul Withers 2003PhDBougherTides in the Martian Atmosphere - And other TopicsPostdoc - Boston University
Josh Emery2002PhDBrownConstraints on the Surface Composition of Trojan Asteroids from Near-Infrared (0.8 - 4.0 um) Spectroscopy and Spectral ModelingResearch Scientist - Univ. of Tennessee
Ingrid Daubar Spitale 2002MastersKringNorthwest Africa 482: A Lunar Meteorite from the HighlandsHiRISE Operations - LPL
Andreas Ekholm2001MastersMeloshCrater Features Diagnostic of Oblique Impacts
Vladimir Florinski 2001PhDJokipiiTwo-dimensional, self-consistent model of galactic and anomalous cosmic rays in the solar windResearcher - UC Riverside
Joe Spitale2001PhDGreenbergDetailed study of the Yarkovsky effect on asteroids and solar system implicationsResearch Scientist - Space Science Institute/CICLOPS
Barbara Cohen2000PhDSwindleGeochemistry and 40Ar-39Ar Geochronology of Lunar Meteorite Impact Melt ClastsLunar Scientist - NASA/MSFC
Cynthia Phillips 2000PhDMcEwenVoyager and Galileo SSI views of volcanic resurfacing of Io and the search for geologic activity on EuropaResearch Scientist - SETI Institute
Wei Dai2000PhDLunineGas trapping in amorphous water ice: a theoretical and experimental approach
David Wood2000PhDStromEffects of Airbursts on the Surface of Venus
Aramais Zakharian2000PhDJokipiiNumerical studies of waves and particle acceleration in shocks
Eric Wegryn 2000PhDTomaskoThe Dusty Atmosphere of Mars: A study of the properties of Martian aerosol dust using Imager for Mars Pathfinder and Hubble Space Telescope observationsAdjunct Professor - Ohlone College
Jennifer Grier1999PhDMcEwenDetermining the Ages of Impact Events: Multidisciplinary Studies Using Remote Sensing and Sample Analysis TechniquesResearch Scientist and Education Specialist - PSI
Nancy Chabot1999PhDDrakeGeochemical Studies of the Cores of Terrestrial Planetary BodiesSenior Research Staff - Johns Hopkins Univ./APL
James Head1999PhDMeloshFragmentation and Ejection of the Martian Clan MeteoritesStaff Scientist, Raytheon
David Trilling 1999PhDLunineTheoretical and observational study of the formation and evolution of planetary systems and extrasolar planetsAssistant Astronomer - Univ. Arizona (Steward Observatory)
Chris Schaller 1998MastersGreenbergVenusian ejecta parabolas: Comparing theory with observationTechnical Staff - LPL
Greg Hoppa1998PhDGreenbergEuropa: effects of rotation and tides on tectonic processesResearcher - Raytheon
Kim Cyr1998PhDLunineDistribution of water in the solar nebula: implications for solar system formation
Elizabeth Turtle1998PhDMeloshFinite-element modeling of large impact craters: Implications for the size of the Vredefort structure and the formation of multiple ring cratersSenior Research Staff - Johns Hopkins Univ./APL
Doug Dawson 1998PhDStromModeling the cratering record of VenusTechnical Staff - LPL
Janet McLarty-Schroeder 1998MastersStromDevelopment, assessment, and applications of PtyS 109L: exploration and discovery in planetary scienceProfessor - Cerritos College
Betty Pierazzo 1997PhDMeloshChicxulub impact event and the environmental catastrophe at the end of the Cretaceous periodResearch Scientist - PSI
Andy Rivkin 1997PhDLebofskyObservations of main-belt asteroids in the 3-um regionSenior Research Staff - Johns Hopkins Univ./APL
Robert Reid1997MastersP. SmithSpectrophotometric Calibration of Imager for Mars Pathfinder DatasetsSenior Computer Scientist - NewTec/US Army Electronic Proving Ground - Fort Lewis
Ron Vervack1997PhDSandelTitan's Upper Atmospheric Structure derived from Voyager Ultraviolet Spectrometer ObservationsSenior Research Staff - Johns Hopkins Univ./APL
Michael Hicks 1997PhDFinkA Spectrophotometric Survey of Comets and Earth-Approaching AsteroidsResearch Scientist - JPL
Alex Ruzicka 1996PhDBoyntonPetrologic-kinetic studies of MeteoritesAssistant Professor - Portland State University
Shunbin Zhang1996MastersBougherThe Impact of Gravity Waves on the Venus Upper Atmosphere
Richard Clark1996MastersMeloshThe Detectability of Lunar Impacts in the Near Infrared
Jon Pedicino 1996PhDBakerClimate change on Mars: modeling possible glaciersProfessor - College of the Redwoods
Seran Gibbard1996PhDLevyLightning in the Solar SystemResearch Scientist - LLNL
Melinda Hutson 1996PhDLewisChemical Studies of Enstatite ChondritesResearch Assistant Professor - Portland State University
Will Grundy 1995PhDFinkMethane and nitrogen ices on Pluto and Triton: A combined laboratory and telescope investigationAssociate Astronomer - Lowell Observatory
Don Musselwhite1995PhDDrakeExperimental geochemistry of iodine, argon, and xenon: Implications for the early outgassing histories of the Earth and MarsResearch Scientist - LPI
Steven Pearce 1995PhDLevyCore-mantle interactions resulting from sudden changes in the Earth's moment of inertiaLecturer - Simon Fraser University
Ellen Howell 1995PhDLebofskyProbing asteroid composition using visible and near-infrared spectroscopyResearch Associate - Arecibo Observatory
Bill Bottke 1995PhDGreenbergThe collisonal and dynamical evolution of asteroidsSenior Research Scientist - SwRI
William Merline 1995PhDMcMillanObservations of Small-Amplitude Oscillations in the Radial Velocity of ArcturusResearch Scientist - SwRI
Mike Nolan 1994PhDGreenbergDelivery of meteorites from the asteroid beltStaff Scientist - Arecibo Observatory
Jeffrey Johnson 1994PhDBakerGeologic investigations of the Venusian surface using Magellan radar imagery, altimetry, and radiometryPlanetary Geologist - USGS
Steffi Engel1994PhDLunineTitan and the cosmoshemistry of the outer solar systemAssociate Staff Scientist - LPL
William Sears1994PhDLunineTidal effects on the evolution of Titan
Lisa McFarlane1994PhDDrakeDifferentiation in the early EarthAssociate Staff Scientist - LPL
Mark Lemmon 1994PhDTomaskoProperties of Titan's haze and surfaceAssociate Professor - Texas A&M University
John Stansberry 1994PhDLunineSurface-atmosphere coupling on Triton and PlutoAssistant Astronomer - Univ. of Arizona (Steward Observatory)
William Tonks 1993PhDMeloshThe thermal consequences of giant impacts in the early solar systemProfessor - Brigham Young University, Idaho
Yiping Wang1993PhDYelleEnergy balance and solar heating in Neptune's upper atmosphere
Valerie Hillgren1993PhDDrakePartitioning behavior of moderately siderophile elements in Ni rich systemsScientist - Max Planck Institute for Chemistry
Erik Asphaug 1993PhDMeloshDynamic fragmentation in the Solar SystemProfessor - UC Santa Cruz
Virginia Gulick 1993PhDBakerMagmatic intrusions and hydrothermal systemsScientist - SETI Institute
Goro Komatsu 1993PhDBakerChannels and valleys on VenusResearch Professor - International Research School of Planetary Sciences, Pescara, Italy
Lance Williams1993PhDJokipiiA single-fluid self-consistent formulation of particle transport and fluid dynamics
Doyle Hall1992PhDShemanskyUltraviolet resonance radiation and the structure of the heliosphereScientist, Boeing LTS
Alan Hildebrand1992PhDBoyntonGeochemistry and stratigraphy of the Cretaceous/Tertiary boundary impact ejectaAssociate Professor of Geology - University of Calgary
Paul Geissler1992PhDSingerSpectrophotometric mapping of Coprates Quadrangle, MarsResearch Geologist - USGS
Bashar Rizk1991PhDHuntenObservations and modelling of the Martian water vapor budget for 1988-1989Senior Research Scientist - LPL
Anna Spitz1991PhDBoyntonTrace elements analysis of ureilite meteorites and implications for their petrogenesisProgram Manager - LAPLACE (Arizona)
Shelly Pope 1991PhDHuntenLaboratory measurements of the single scattering properties of ammonia ice crystalsStaff Scientist - Raytheon
Ann Sprague 1990PhDHuntenAn observational comparison of Mercury and the MoonSenior Research Associate - LPL
Daniel Janes1990PhDMeloshTectonics of one plate planets
Jeffrey Kargel1990PhDLewisCryomagmatism in the outer solar systemSenior Associate Research Scientist - Dept. of Hydrology, Univ. of Arizona
Mark Marley1990PhDHubbardNonradial oscillations of Saturn: Implications for ring system structureResearch Scientist - NASA Ames
Erich Karkoschka1990PhDTomaskoSaturn's atmosphere in the visible and near infraredSenior Staff Scientist - LPL
Robert Marcialis 1990PhDLebofsky & HubbardThe Pluto-Charon system as revealed during the mutual eventsSenior Research Specialist - LPL
Nicholas Schneider 1988PhDHuntenSodium in Io's extended atmosphereAssociate Professor - Univ. of Colorado, Boulder
Jayne Aubele1988MastersVesicle zonation and vertical structure of basalt flowsEducation Staff - New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science
David Grinspoon 1988PhDLewisLarge impact events and atmospheric evolution of the terrestrial planetsCurator of Astrobiology - Denver Museum of Nature & Science, Adjunct Professor - Univ. of Colorado
Thomas Jones 1988PhDLewisAn infrared reflectance study of water in outer belt asteroids: Clues to composition and originAstronaut, Author, Consultant
Nadine Barlow 1987PhDStromRelative Ages and the geologic evolution of Martian Terrain UnitsAssociate Professor - Northern Arizona University
Robert Eplee, Jr.1987PhDSmithSpokes in Saturn's B Ring: Dynamical and Physical Properties Deduced from Voyager Saturn Ring Images
Cindy Cunningham1987PhDHuntenSpatial and Temporal Monitoring of the Jovian Atmosphere
Patrick Hartigan 1987PhDLadaObservations and Bowshock Models of herbig-haro ObjectsProfessor - Rice University
Philip Maloney 1987PhDBlackGlobal Properties of Molecular Clouds and the interstellar Medium in GalaxiesSenior Research Associate - University of Colorado, Boulder
John Spencer 1987PhDStromThe surface of Europa, Ganymede, and Callisto: An investigation using Voyager IRIS thermal infrared spectraStaff Scientist - SwRI
Daniel Malvin1987MastersDrakeExperimental Partitioning of Siderophile Elements in the Systems Iron-Nickel-Sulfur-Pho
Douglas Hilton1987PhDHuntenA Partially Collisional Model of the Titan Hydrogen Torus
Mark Sykes 1986PhDHuntenIRAS Observations of Asteroid Dust Bands and Cometary Dust TailsDirector - PSI
Marc Buie 1984PhDFinkLight Curve CCD Spectrophotometry of PlutoAstronomer - Lowell Observatory
David Tholen 1984PhDZellnerAsteroid Taxonomy from Cluster Analysis of PhotometryFaculty Astronomer - Univ. of Hawaii
Gordon Bjoraker 1984PhDLarsonThe Gas Compostion and Vertical Cloud Structure of Jupiter's Troposphere Derived from 5 micron spectroscopic observationsPlanetary Scientist - Goddard Space Flight Center
Faith Vilas1984PhDSmithThe Nature and Origin of Outer Solar System Asteroids from Reflectance SpectrophotometryDirector, MMTO / Astronomer - Univ. of Arizona (Steward Observatory)
Joseph MacFarlane1983PhDHubbardTheoretical Prediction for the Phase Stability of Dense Binary Mixtures
Larry Crumpler 1983PhDStromIo: Models of Volcanism and Interior StructureResearch Curator, New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science
Horton Newsom 1982PhDDrakeThe Experimental Partitioning Behavior of Tungsten and Phosphorus: Implications for the Composition and Formation of the Earth, moon, and Eucrite Parent BodyResearch Professor - Institute of Meteoritics, University of New Mexico
Humberto Campins-Camejo 1982PhDRiekeInfrared Observations of Cometary SolidsProfessor - Univ. of Central Florida
Charles Hostetler1982PhDDrakeEquilibrium Properties of Some Silicate Materials: A Theoretical StudySenior Staff Scientist - Columbia Environmental Sciences, Inc.
John Wacker1982PhDWilkeningComposition of Noble gases in the Abee Meteorite and the Origin of the Enstatie Chondrites
Michael Feierberg1981PhDLarsonEvidence for a Compositional Relationship between Asteroids and Meteorites from Infrared Spectral Reflectances
Martha Leake1981PhDStromThe Intercrater Plains of Mercury and the Moon: Their Nature, Origin, and Role in Terrestrial Planet EvolutionProfessor - Valdosta State University
Bruce Wilking 1981PhDRiekeStar Formation in the rho-Ophiuchi Dark CloudProfessor - Univ. of Missouri, St. Louis
Kevin Housen1981PhDWilkeningThe Stochastic Evolution of Asteroidal Regoliths and the Origin of Brecciated and Gas-Rich MeteoritesScientist - Boeing
Clifford Stoll 1980PhDTomaskoPolarimetry of Jupiter at Large Phase AnglesAuthor
Robert Howell 1980PhDLowInfrared Speckle InterferometryAssociate Professor - Univ. of Wyoming
Drayton Benner1979PhDFinkThe Visual and Near Infrared Spectrum of Methane and its Application to Uranus, Neptune, Triton, and Pluto
Carl Allen 1979PhDStromVolcano Ice Interactions on the Earth and MarsAstromaterials Curator - Johnson Space Center
Guy Consolmagno1978PhDJokipiiElectromagnetic Processes in the Evolution of the Solar NebulaPlanetary Scientist - Vatican Observatory
Jonathan Gradie1978PhDZellnerAn Astrophysical Study of the Minor Planets in the Eos and Koronis Asteroid FamiliesStaff Scientist - STI, Inc./TerraSys
Bruce Cordell 1977PhDStromTectonism and the Interior of MercuryDean, Natural Sciences Division - Fullerton College
Robert West 1977PhDTomaskoSpatially Resolved Photometry of Jupiter in the 6190, 7250, and 8900 Angstrom Methane BandsResearch Scientist - JPL
Wayne Slattery1976PhDHubbardThe Structure of the Planets Jupiter and SaturnResearch Scientist - Los Alamos National Laboratory