April Fools Day 2003

The memos were really flying this year. Mike Drake announced the promotion of Devon and Paul to the long-vacant Senior Research Scientist positions (email). Steward Observatory suffered a regime change (email). Dave Kring issued another press release (email). Mike Drake announced industrial sponsorships for certain faculty (email). Even Alfred McEwen joined in (email).

Steward tried to send a rebuttal email to alllpl, but couldn't even work out how to use the mailing list. Dummies.

Some posters related to the sponsorship were put up around the atrium. Does anyone have pictures of that?

Steward put some LPL/Agriculture merger posters around the building. Here's a PDF copy. Didn't we do that to them last year? Continued delays to SIRTF led to the discovery of the corpse of SIRTF over by Steward. The cleaners got to that one pretty quickly.