April Fools Day 1999

With the arrival of 8 (yes, eight!) new graduate students this year, space was tight in the building. As so many other organisations faced with this problem have found, cubicle farms provide an elegant solution. We used some surplus poster boards to construct cubicles in the atrium and stocked them with desks, phones, filing cabinets, and so on. Some of the phones from the Academic Office were rerouted to the phones in the atrium, so Joan and others had a peaceful morning until they fixed it. Three faculty were assigned to each cubicle, thus providing a stimulating and collegial working environment. "Mike Drake" tried to send an email announcing the changes to the department, but ran into some technical difficulties and sent about three incomplete and garbled emails to everyone instead. Hardcopy memos complaining about the proliferation of computer viruses and how they screw with email messages were placed in mailboxes instead. The wonders of technology.

We messed around in Mike's office as well, just to reassure him that he hadn't been forgotten.

Does anyone have a copy of the emails and memo?

Gareth, Andreas, Rachel, and Paul cram into a cubicle.

The soulless cubicle farm. The undergrads were quite confused when they came to class the next day.

Fred practices his directorship skills.

Dave takes it easy after a hard night of pranking.