Bratfest XX:
Sgt. Hawthorne's Hungry Bratfest Band

Saturday, September 26, 1998 • Hawthorne House, Tucson, AZ, USA

It was twenty years ago today...

1998 marks the 20th anniversary of Bratfest; it's the Platinum Bratfest! Join us on Saturday, September 26 at Hawthorne House, starting at 6 pm and lasting until no one's left standing!

Need a map to Hawthorne House? Click here.

The Bratfest XX T-Shirt

This year's full-color, surprisingly outrageous t-shirt design is shown below in black and white. The actual artwork as it appears on the shirts will be much more colorful. T-shirts are available in white, with a few in ash, natural, daffodil, and pink. Sizes are L and XL. (We have a pretty limited supply of smaller sizes; see a Bratfest Representative for details on size and color availability.)

T-shirts will cost $15 this year.

On the back...

The back design depicts characters from Bratfests of the past:

On the front...

The front of the shirt includes a small, pocket-sized logo depicting Sgt. Hawthorne's Hungry Bratfest Band:

Modified: September 17, 1998 / CJS