LPL Update: December 8, 1995

VIDEO: What people were really doing during the Fire Drill: Academic office watching movies in the lecture hall, Tim Swindle and Dave Kring playing basketball in the halls, Uwe Fink playing Cat's Cradle, Jonathan Lunine and Carolyn Porco plot to take over the Alps, Don Hunten and Ann Sprague grin from behind a closing door.

VIDEO: New and Improved Instant Data Crystals / Huygen's Heroes / 2001

LIVE SKIT: Pam, Pam, Pam

VIDEO: This year for Easter, we hear that our beloved director received a number of gifts from the Easter Bunny. The Easter Bunny reported back to us that Mike hasn't actually found all his easter eggs. We're therefore going undercover to find...the missing eggs. (Students enter Mike's office, look for eggs, instead find a large number of beer cans.) Well, looks like only the Easter Bunny knows where the missing eggs are.

VIDEO: Jim Scotti is James Bond, 007 / Beavis and Butthead (played by Mike and Jay) / Dyanamics / Lockheed Martin commercial

VIDEO: Bring Out Your Dead

VIDEO: Projects SPOOF (Science, Planetary, for Obstreticians, Ova, and Fetuses) and CORPSE (COurse for the Recently Passed in Science Education)

LIVE SKIT: The Form Shoppe

VIDEO: 6 Signs of the Apocalypse: Mike Drake goes on the wagon; Bob Strom decides the future looks rosy; Pacheco cancels football game for LPL Meet Yourself; Bill Boynton is gay; Dave Krin becomes Baywatch lifeguard; Ann Sprague gets pregnant.

VIDEO: Outtakes

Quicktime Movies of some skits:

Kring vs Swindle, KCO, 2001
Scotti as Bond, Beavis and Butthead, Dyanamics, In Utero Teaching, Kring joins Baywatch, Gay Boynton
Merline Sweet 16, Burnt Van, Faculty Skit
LPL Sports and Weather, Spam
Galileo Datum, Top Ten Faculty Delays, "We Are Doug"