Field Trips

Baja Coastline Punta San Jose, Baja California Coastline - Fall 2005, photo by David Choi

Field trips are an important part of our planetary sciences curriculum, as our own planet is the best laboratory to see the outcome of processes common to many planets. You learn more in 3-5 days out in the field than inside a classroom all semester.

PTYS 594a - Planetary Geology Field Practicum

The semester field trip explores interesting planetary analouges around the Southwest, and occassionally embarks on a week-long trip to distant locales such as Yellowstone and Washington State.

PTYS 554 - Planetary Surfaces

The core class has 2 short fieldtrips as part of its curriculum, one to the location of the PtyS 594A trip that semester, and the other to Flagstaff, Arizona.