Yellowstone: Day 1

us at the Tucson airport Our flight left Tucson at 6 a.m.!! Everyone got to the airport on time and we made the plane. David Trilling included a guide to aerial geology, but we were clouded out until Salt Lake City. It cleared up later though, and the Salt Lake-Bozeman leg showed us the Tetons and Yellowstone Lake.

Jay and Dave discuss directions Doug hooks up the CB radio Andy, Peter, and Cynthia check their doors
Above We arrived at the Bozeman airport and picked up six Explorers and a cargo minivan. While Jay and Dave discussed directions to the Park, Doug hooked up his CB radio and Andy, Peter, and Cynthia made sure their doors work.
Below After clearing out the local Albertson's, food groups tried to fit everything into the vans. Kim guarded her food stash, and Greg and Nancy showed off their winter gear.
Kim guards her food fitting food into vans Greg and Nancy in winter clothes

We picked up extra camping gear and were on our way to the park, when Barb got pulled over by a small-town cop. She and Jay acted appropriately chagrined and escaped getting a ticket. Barb gets pulled over

David licks the rhyolite We made it into Yellowstone Park with a few minutes of daylight to go. Not wanting to waste any, we stopped to look at a rhyolite flow. Here, David tries to determing mineralogy by the age-old geologists' test of licking the rock.

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