elk at visitor's center elk at visitor's center
antlered buck We encountered all sorts of wildlife throughout the trip. Above, left Elk were everywhere, even hanging out at the Mammoth Hot Springs Visitor Center. Elk make these weird whistling noises to communicate with each other and they serenaded our campsites at night. Right A mockingbird shows off its pretty plumage at Mammoth Hot Springs. mockingbird

line of bison
American bison (often incorrectly called buffalo) are native to North America, but only survive today in a few places. They are protected in Yellowstone Nmational Park and roam freely aroud meadows and over roads above and below. Park literature warns repeatedly that although bison may look fuzzy and calm, they can sprint faster than a human and gore you with theit sharp horns. In spite of this, we were repeatedly saddened to see people in the park treating the bison disrespectfully, bumping them with their cars and throwing rocks at them.
bison crossing road

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