Table of Contents - Canyonlands, Spring 1999

Itinerary H. J. Melosh
Editor's Note Andrew Rivkin
The Geometry of Graben Systems & Graben on Other Planets Ross Beyer
Kimberlites and Minettes of Agathla Peak Mark T. Hutchison
The Four Corners Region: A Glowing Testament to the Nuclear Age Mark T. Hutchison
Cliff Recession: Toreva-block landslides Gareth S. Collins
Sandstone: Wonders and Weathering in the State of Utah Jennifer Grier
Incised Meanders, or from whence the Goosenecks of the San Juan??? Devon Burr
Arches and Buttes the letter ®
Faults and Folds on the Colorado Plateau "Paul"
Geologic History of Southeast Utah- Plate Tectonics Josh Emery
The Geological History of Utah- (Nevada), Sevier and Laramide Orögeny Werner Ertel
Laccoliths Terry Hurford
ÇhAø§ in the Entrada Sandstone Joseph Spitale
Upheaval Dome: Impact Crater or Salt Dome? Jeannie Riley, Nancy Chabot, &Windy Jaeger
Cosmogenic Rifting in the Canyonlands National Park James N. Head, conductor
History of SouthEast Utah National Parks Jason Barnes
Newspaper Rock Petroglyphs Dave O'Brien
Paradox Basin- You're damned if you do and damned if you don't *B*
Graben Formation in Canyonlands Fred Ciesla
Controls on Gråben Width/Mechanisms of Formation Andreas Ekholm
Graben Formation over Dike Intrusions Aileen Yingst and Laszlo Keszthelyi
Early Geologic Exploration of the Colorado Plateau Erich Karkoschka