Graduate College Thesis/Dissertation Waiver


Waiver of non-resident tuition only (not applicable to summer session fees).

Student must be enrolled at The University of Arizona for not less than one (1) and not more than six (6) units of 900-level units only, and not be using university resources (e.g. libraries, computers, labs, faculty time) to any significant extent, except for exams, final defense and some advising.

Funding Source

University of Arizona Graduate College

How to Apply

Students must be recommended by their Graduate Coordinator and may not apply directly to the Graduate College for the award. Departments recommend the student to the Graduate College at for approval and processing. May only be used for up to four (4) semesters.


Two (2) weeks in advance of tuition payment deadline (see current schedule of classes).

Award amounts & Award process

Contact Pam Streett for information.