NASA Graduate Student Researchers Program (GSRP)


The NASA Graduate Student Researchers Program (GSRP) awards fellowships (also called GSRP Training Grants in what follows) for graduate study leading to masters or doctoral degrees in the fields of science, mathematics, and engineering related to NASA research and development. This twelve month award requires students to participate in a 10 week NASA Center or HQ-based research experience at the NASA Center/HQ extending the GSRP Fellowship award.

The goal of NASA’s GSRP is to cultivate additional research ties to the academic community, to help meet the continuing needs of the Nation’s aeronautics and space workforce requirements by increasing the number of highly-trained scientists and engineers in aeronautics and space-related disciplines.

Funding Source: 
How to Apply: 

March 1

Award amounts & Award process: 

When awarded, funds are administered by LPL Business Office.

Awards are renewable for one year for a M.S. Degree and two years for a Ph.D. upon satisfactory academic advancement, research progress, and available funding. All applications are due annually, by the deadline posted on the GSRP Website.

The student stipend may cover tuition, room and board, books, software, meal plans, school and laboratory supplies, and other related expenses. The student allowance may be used for national and international conferences and data collection. The University Allowance is a discretionary award made to the university via the Research Adviser, who becomes the Principal Investigator for the GSRP Training Grant. NASA recognizes the need for adequate health insurance, and has included an allowance not to exceed $1,000 to assist with this cost. In cases where students already have health insurance, the $1,000 may be added to the stipend or to student travel to NASA Centers and the Jet Propulsion Laboratory. The NASA GSRP Manager must approve alternative uses of GSRP funding. The GSRP Fellowship supports graduate education, and does not provide university overhead. GSRP funds may not be used for the purchase of any equipment, including computers.