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Kudos to Martin Tomasko

Congratulations to Research Professor Emeritus Martin Tomasko on receipt of the 2010 Alvin Seiff award. The Alvin Seiff Memorial Award, presented annually at the International Planetary Probe Workshop, recognizes and honors a scientist, engineer, technologist, or mission planner for outstanding career achievements and contributions to the understanding of planetary (including Titan) atmospheres utilizing high speed entry probes.

The citation for this award reads as follows:

Dr. Martin Tomasko, University of Arizona
In recognition of seminal contributions to the development of instrumentation for in situ studies of planetary atmospheres, including the Venus atmosphere from the Pioneer multiprobe mission, the Jupiter atmosphere from the Galileo probe, and the Titan atmosphere from the Huygens probe, and for career achievements in the understanding of the composition, cloud structure, and heat balance of planetary atmospheres throughout the solar system, the IOC of International Planetary Probe workshop bestows the 2010 Alvin Seiff award upon Dr. Martin Tomasko.

More information about the Alvin Seiff Memorial Award is available

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