Selected Titan Papers:

Storms, polar deposits and the methane cycle in Titan's atmosphere
C.A. Griffith, Phil. Transactions of the Royal Society, 367, 713-728, 2009

Characterization of clouds in Titan's tropical atmosphere
C.A. Griffith et al., Astrophys. J., 702, L105-L109, 2009

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Comparing Methane and Temperature Profiles on Titan in 1980 and 2005
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Ground-based measurements of the methane distriubtion on Titan
P.F. Penteado, C.A. Griffith, Icarus, In Press, 2009

Latitudinal Variations in Titan's methane and haze from Cassini VIMS Observations
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Titan's tropical storms in an evolving atmosphere
C.A. Griffith, C.P. McKay, F. Ferri, Astrophys. J. Letts, 687, L41-L44, 2008

Rain and Hail can reach the surface of Titan
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Titan's Lower Atmosphere
C. A. Griffith, American Institute of Physics Conf Proc., 930, 3-36, 2007

Evidence for a polar ethane cloud on Titan
C. A. Griffith, et al. Science, 313, 1620, 2006.

Titan's exotic weather
C. A. Griffith, Nature, 442, 362, 2006.

The composition of Titan's surface from Cassini
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High-resolution Cassini-VIMS mosaics of Titan & the icy Saturnian satellites.
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Observations of Titan's Mesosphere
Griffith, C.A., Penteado, P., Greathouse, T.K., Roe, H.G. & Yelle, R. V.Ap. J. Letts., 629, 57-60, 2005

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Meridional variations of temperature C2H2 and C2H6 abundances in Saturn's atmosphere at south summer solistice
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HCN Fluorescence on Titan
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