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Peter Smith

Senior Research Scientist.
Mars Photography, Planetary Atmospheres
M.S., 1977, Arizona.

Currently, Smith is the project manager and a co-investigator for the HiRISE high resolution telescope that will orbit Mars starting in 2006. This important instrument will scan prospective landing sites able to see objects beachball sized and larger. In addition, as the Principal Investigator for the successful Imager for Mars Pathfinder in 1997, he is continuing the scientific analysis of the 16,600 images collected during the 83-day mission. He is a co-investigator on the DISR descent imager that will parachute into the dense atmosphere of Titan in January, 2005. These projects have evolved from his long term interest in optical sciences and radiative transfer in planetary atmospheres. In his spare time, he has been using the Hubble Space Telescope's camera both to image Titan in the near-IR resolving surface features for the first time and to obtain multi-spectral images of Mars in support of the Pathfinder mission.

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