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Mary Guerrieri
Space Sciences 317

Bert Orosco
Space Sciences 325

Sarah Lane-Gaxiola
Space Sciences 339


Inventory of Teaching Supply Cabinets

Ocean Optics Spectrometers

Tier 1 & 2 Classroom/Homework Activities Database
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Class Copying

If you need assistance with copying material for your class, fill out a class copying request form, available in Space Sciences 325. Please allow for a 24-hour turn-around, and be specific about what you require.

Dobsonian Telescopes. Available for PTYS/LPL instructors to borrow. See Mary in Kuiper 317 for more information.

Scantron Grading

  • Blank Scantron sheets are available from Bert Orosco, Space Sciences 325.
  • Try to plan ahead in requesting blank grading sheets and pencils.
  • Ask your students to be careful in filling out the grading sheets, i.e., ask them not to bend the sheets
  • Bring the completed grading sheets and answer key to Bert¬†Orosco in Space Sciences 325.
  • Be specific about what kind of grading reports you require, what grading scale you use, etc.
  • Tests will be graded within 24 hours.
  • The Academic Office will contact you to let you know the grading reports are completed.