How do I prevent the spam filtering of messages from certain senders (create a whitelist)?

If you find messages in your spam folders that should not have been filtered (false positives), you can prevent messages sent from the sender of those messages from being filtered in the future as follows:

ssh to an LPL solaris server 
Use your favorite editor (e.g., vi or pico) to edit this file: 
and add a "whitelist_from sender-address" line for each address or class of addresses.

Here are a few examples:

whitelist_from * 
whitelist_from dude@* 
whitelist_from *

The user_prefs file already has a sample whitelist line, commented-out. If you do not know how to use a unix editor (e.g., vi or pico) to make that type of change, send email to sys to request that it be done for you. 

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