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Victor Baker


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  • Daniel Berman, 2003 (Geosciences)
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  • Virginia Gulick, 1993 (Geosciences)
  • Windy Jaeger, 2004 (PTYS)
  • Jeffrey Johnson, 1994 (Geosciences)
  • Andrea Jones, 2009 (Geosciences)
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  • Goro Komatsu (1994-1996)
  • Hideaki Miyamoto (2002-2004)
Vic Baker
Regents' Professor
Planetary surfaces, Geomorphology
Ph.D., 1971, Colorado

Kuiper   #409B

Years with LPL:  1981 to present


Research interests divide into the areas of planetary geology, Earth geomorphology and paleohydrology, and issues of science and society in relation to policy, the environment, and philosophy.

My research in planetary paleohydrology focuses on the morphology, genesis, and geological/geophysical/hydrological implications of various channels, valleys, and related landforms on Mars and Venus. My students and I relate these geomorphological features to volcanic, tectonic, and atmospheric processes. Other important considerations for Mars include the conditions that may have provided habitats for life.

I also conduct field investigations of the Late Pleistocene megafloods that impacted what is now the northwestern United States. We are applying 2-D computational models to our analyses of this flooding, which provides a terrestrial analog to ancient channel-forming processes on Mars.

For the past 30 years, my students and I have been investigating Holocene paleoflood records from the southwestern U.S. We have also been studying the geomorphology of the spectacular southern Arizona debris flows of late July 2006. The applied flood-hazard work leads to concern with public policy issues and the public perception of science.

CV for Dr. Baker (PDF)


  • Obliquity-controlled Water Vapor/Trace Gas in the Martian Greenhouse Cycle (NASA-JPL)
  • Geomorphic Investigations of Martian Channel Morphology (NASA)


Skylab, PI
Apollo-Soyuz, Co-Investigator
Viking, guest investigator
Magellan, Radar Investigation Team
Mars Odyssey, Gamma Ray Spectrometer Team
NASA Autonomous Sciencecraft Experiment


NASA ADS Author search: Victor R. Baker


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