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Gilda Ballester


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  • Walt Harris
  • Daniel Rego
  • Yoo-Jea Kim
Gilda Ballester
Senior Research Scientist
Planetary atmospheres
Ph.D., 1989, Johns Hopkins University

Sonett  #145

Years with LPL:  2000


Characterization of exoplanets with transit observations at UV, optical and near-IR wavelengths with the Hubble Space Telescope and through collaborative ground-based observations (e.g., Gran Telescopio Canarias). The research focuses on the properties of both the upper and lower atmospheres of hot Jupiters and low-density super Earths. Early research on Io's atmosphere and plasma torus, and on the upper atmospheres, auroras and magnetospheric interactions of Jupiter, Saturn and Uranus with both imaging and spectroscopy. Current collaborations with researchers at IAP (France), U. of Exeter, INTA (Spain), Tsinghua U. (China), Tennessee State, U. Santa Cruz, U. of Arizon, CfA, Caltech, other.

CV for Dr. Ballester (PDF)


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