PTYS/LPL Faculty

Travis Barman


  • Sarah Peacock (PTYS)


Travis Barman
Associate Professor
Exoplanetary systems, Planetary formation and evolution
Ph.D., 2002, University of Georgia

Kuiper   #431

Years with LPL:  2013


My research delves into both theoretical and observational aspects of extrasolar planets. As a lead developer of the PHOENIX model atmosphere code, I am responsible for maintaining and expanding its abilities to predict and interpret the atmospheric properties of exoplanets and brown dwarfs. My theoretical work is used extensively in ground-based direct-imaging planet search programs, in particular as a lead investigator for the new Gemini Planet Imager Survey. I am also heavily involved in programs focused on spectroscopy of extrasolar planets, from transiting to directly imaged. By comparing theoretical model spectra to real photometric and spectroscopic observations, a variety of planet properties can be deduced. Atmospheric structure (horizontal and vertical run of temperature and pressure), surface gravities, chemical composition, and global wind patterns are a few examples of the kinds of planet properties we seek through modelobservation comparisons.

CV for Dr. Barman (PDF)


  • Understanding the Atmospheres of Young Planets: National Science Foundation, Principal Investigator
  • Atmospheres of Hot Exoplanets: NASA, Origins of Solar Systems, Principal Investigator
  • Properties of Young Planets: Hubble Space Telescope Data Analysis Program, Principal Investigator
  • Modeling the Extreme Ultraviolet Radiation of M dwarfs: Hubble Theory Program, Principal Investigator


NASA ADS Author Search: Travis Barman


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