PTYS/LPL Faculty

Uwe Fink


  • Chris (Drayton) Benner, 1977 (PTYS)
  • Marc Buie, 1984 (PTYS)
  • Ron Fevig, 2006 (PTYS)
  • William Grundy, 1995 (PTYS)
  • Michael Hicks, 1997 (PTYS)
Uwe Fink
Professor Emeritus
Planetary atmospheres, spectroscopy
Ph.D., 1965, Pennsylvania State University

Kuiper   #249


Dr. Fink has worked on laboratory infrared ice studies and spectroscopy of gases of planetary interest. He has done extensive ground based observational studies on planetary atmospheres, satellite surfaces and studies of asteroid surface composition.

For the last 5-10 years he has concentrated on investigations of cometary gas production rates, chemical abundance ratios, coma outflow models and the spectroscopic composition of a large sample of comets.