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Joe Giacalone


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  • Fan Guo, 2012 (PTYS)
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  • Federico Fraschetti
Joe Giacalone
Professor, Assistant Department Head
Solar and heliospheric physics, Astrophysics, Theoretical astrophysics
Ph.D. 1991, University of Kansas

Kuiper   #411

Years with LPL:  1993 to present


Dr. Giacalone’s core research interests include understanding the origin, acceleration, and propagation of cosmic rays, and other charged-particle species in the magnetic fields of space, and general topics in space plasma physics, and astrophysics.

He develops physics-based theoretical and computational models which are used to interpret in situ spacecraft observations. He is interested in the general properties of solar, interplanetary, and galactic magnetic fields.

Currently, he is studying the origin of large solar-energetic particle events (a.k.a. solar cosmic rays) which involves a number of diverse aspects of solar physics and space physics. He has written papers describing the propagation of solar-flare particles from the Sun to the Earth where they are observed by spacecraft such as ACE, Ulysses, Wind, etc.

He is also interested in the general topic of particle acceleration in astrophysical plasmas.

CV for Dr. Giacalone (PDF)


  • Energetic Charged Particles in the Heliosphere: Are Observations Consistent with Acceleration by Shocks? NASA Heliophysics Theory program
  • Integrated Science Investigation of the Sun: NASA's Solar Probe Plus mission; Co-Investigator, member of the Theory and Modeling team
  • Sun to Ice: Impacts on Earth of Extreme Solar Events: NSF's Frontiers in Earth-System Dynamics program
  • SHINE: Observations and modeling of the longitudinal extent and variation of Multi-Spacecraft Solar Energetic Particle Events: National Science Foundation's SHINE program


Solar Probe Plus
Advanced Composition Explorer
Voyagers 1 & 2




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