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Stephen Kortenkamp


  • Emily Joseph (Case Western)
  • Scott LaPlante (University of Arizona)
Steve Kortenkamp
Instructional Specialist Coordinator
Ph.D., 1996, University of Florida

Kuiper   #219

Years with LPL:  2001 to present


Enhanced Visualization Techniques in Planetary Science and Education: Development of ray-tracing computer code for production of high-resolution visualization resources for science teachers and researchers. To date I have created over 100 unique computer animations that help to demonstrate concepts such as planet formation, planetary dynamics, the reasons for seasons, phases of the moon, and historical science experiments.

Dynamical and Collisional Evolution of Small Solar System Bodies: Computer simulations of orbital evolution, with particular emphasis on resonant interactions between planets and small bodies, such as with Trojan asteroids, objects on Pluto-like orbits, and quasi-satellites of the terrestrial and giant planets. Other types of modeling includes the production and orbital evolution of asteroidal and cometary dust particles and the origins of interplanetary dust particles collected from Earth's atmosphere.

Origin and Evolution of Earth-Like Planets: Utilization of a unique computer code developed at the Planetary Science Institute for simulating the formation of rocky terrestrial planets within a protoplanetary disk initially composed of small km-sized bodies. Recent modifications I have made to the code allow users to model the formation of Earth-like planets in the habitable zones of binary- and multiple-star systems.

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NASA PG&G: Investigation of a new resonant mechanism for accretion of interplanetary dust by Earth NASA SMD EPOESS: Workshops in Science Education and Resources (WISER): Planetary Perspectives NASA EPO Supp.: Out of this world: Bringing space rocks that hit Earth to children and families


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Peer-reviewed children's science books

--In Capstone's First Facts series: Why In The World?, for struggling readers at the K-3 level:
Kortenkamp S.J. (2007) Why Isn't Pluto a Planet?

--In Capstone's First Facts series: The Solar System, for struggling readers at the K-3 level:
Kortenkamp S.J. (2007) Asteroids, Comets, Meteorites
Kortenkamp S.J. (2007) The Milky Way
Kortenkamp S.J. (2007) Space Probes
Kortenkamp S.J. (2007) Space Stations
Kortenkamp S.J. (2007) The First Moon Landing
Kortenkamp S.J. (2007) NASA
Kortenkamp S.J. (2008) Space Junk
Kortenkamp S.J. (2008) Space Shuttles
Kortenkamp S.J. (2008) Space Tourism
Kortenkamp S.J. (2008) Working in Space

--In Capstone's Blazers series: Incredible Space, for severely struggling readers at the K-3 level:
Kortenkamp S.J. (2009) Space Robots
Kortenkamp S.J. (2009) Space Life
Kortenkamp S.J. (2009) Spacecraft
Kortenkamp S.J. (2009) Space Stations
Kortenkamp S.J. (2009) Space Tourism
Kortenkamp S.J. (2009) Space Travelers

--In Capstone's Fact Finders series: The Solar System and Beyond, for readers in grades 3-5:
Kortenkamp S.J. (2011) Planets of Our Solar System
Kortenkamp S.J. (2011) Dwarf Planets
Kortenkamp S.J. (2011) Asteroids, Comets, Meteoroids

--In Capstone's Picture Encyclopedia series, for readers in grades K-3:
Kortenkamp S.J. (2012, in press) Show Me Space