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Jay Melosh


  • Erik Asphaug, 1993 (PTYS)
  • Gwen Bart, 2007 (PTYS)
  • Richard Clark, 1996 (PTYS)
  • Tamara Goldin, 2008 (Geosciences)
  • James Head, 1999 (PTYS)
  • Daniel Janes, 1990 (PTYS)
  • Elisabetta Pierazzo, 1997 (PTYS)
  • James Richardson, 2005 (PTYS)
  • Abigail Sheffer, 2007 (PTYS)
  • Diana Smith, 2008 (PTYS)
  • William Tonks, 1993 (PTYS)
  • Elizabeth Turtle, 1998 (PTYS)
Jay Melosh
Regents' Professor, Emeritus
Theoretical geophysics & planetary surfaces
Ph.D., 1973, California Institute of Technology



Dr. Melosh's principal research interests are the many ramifications of impact cratering, planetary tectonics, and the physics of earthquakes and landslides.

His recent research includes studies of the giant impact origin of the moon, the K/T impact that extinguished the dinosaurs and the ejection of rocks from their parent bodies.

He is also active in astrobiological studies that relate chiefly to the exchange of microorganisms between the terrestrial planets.

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