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Robert Strom


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Robert Strom
Professor Emeritus
Lunar and planetary surfaces
Ph.D., 2011, University of Redlands


Years with LPL:  1963-present


Mr. Strom is conducting research on the impact cratering record on the solid bodies in the solar system from a variety of missions, the possibility of ancient oceans and ice sheets on Mars from Viking images, and surfacing history of Venus from Magellan radar images.

He is comparing the impact cratering record on inner and outer solar system bodies to determine the origin of the impacting objects and to constrain the absolute ages of planetary and satellite surfaces.

His Martian research involves the study of certain features on Mars that are similar in morphology and distribution to glacial landforms on Earth. This research also involves modeling of possible climate changes over geologic time.

He is also studying the impact cratering record that places severe constraints on the Venus resurfacing history. Strom and his group are working to constrain the amount of post-global resurfacing activity and the duration of time it took the global resurfacing event to terminate.

Another research interest is climate change on Earth and its consequences.
Resources: Global Warming and Climate Change

CV for Dr. Strom (PDF)


MESSENGER Phase E: NASA Discovery Program


MESSENGER (Science Team Member)


Apollo 8, 10, and 11: Lunar Operations Working Group
Mariner 10 (Venus/Mercury), Deputy Team Leader (Imaging Experiment)
Voyager 1 and 2, Imaging Team Member