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  • Arthur Clements, 1974 (Astronomy)
  • Lyn Doose, 1976 (Astronomy)
  • Erich Karkoschka, 1990 (PTYS)
  • Dana Kerola, 1994 (Atmospheric Sciences)
  • Mark Lemmon, 1994 (PTYS)
  • Shelly Pope, 1991 (PTYS)
  • Clifford Stoll, 1980 (PTYS)
  • Eric Wegryn, 2000 (PTYS)
  • Robert West, 1977 (PTYS)
Martin Tomasko
Research Professor
Planetary atmospheres, radiative transfer
Ph.D., 1969, Princeton

Kuiper   #233


Dr. Tomasko has research interests in the composition, cloud structure, and heat balance of planetary atmospheres.

He is pursuing these interests through theoretical calculations of the transfer of thermal and solar radiation in scattering atmospheres, as well as in observational programs using entry probes, orbiter and flyby missions, earth-orbiting observatories, laboratory studies, and ground-based observations.

He currently serves as Principal Investigator for the Descent Imager/Spectral Radiometer (DISR) instrument on the Huygens entry probe of Titan on the Cassini mission, as a Co-Investigator on the Net Flux Radiometer (NFR) experiment on the Galileo entry probe of Jupiter, as a Co-Investigator on the Imager for Mars Pathfinder (IMP) experiment, as Principal Investigator on a Hubble Space Telescope (HST) observing program aimed at determining the structure of stratospheric and tropospheric clouds and hazes on Saturn and Uranus, and as Principal Investigator on a grant from the National Science Foundation for studies of cloud and haze structures on the outer planets.