H. Jay Melosh

Welcome to the TEKTON website! TEKTON is a finite element computer code that is tailored specifically to solve tectonic problems for geologists and geophysicists. The FORTRAN source code is available at this website, along with advice from veteran users. However, I must make it clear at the outset that TEKTON is not in the public domain. Each portion of it is copyrighted by H. J. Melosh and the University of Arizona. I have been forced to insert this stern warning because of attempts of for-profit companies to market TEKON as their own product. TEKTON has been developed over many years (starting in 1974) by numerous people (the first of whom was Arthur Raefsky) with the intent of providing scientific users with a flexible and powerful tool to analyze tectonic processes, particularly emphasizing VLBI and GPS surface deformation measurements, although subsequent users have applied it much more widely.

TEKTON is distributed as a number of related files whose function you will find described in the associated readme files. The source code is heavily annotated, as I expect that individual users will want to modify portions of it for their own particular problems. Furthermore, the input files are as user-friendly as I can make them in a cross-platform code. Nevertheless, THIS SET OF PROGRAMS IS NOT INTENDED TO BE USED BY NEOPHYTES-IF YOU DO NOT KNOW WHAT A FINITE ELEMENT CODE IS, YOU SHOULD FIND OUT BEFORE YOU ATTEMPT TO USE THESE CODES. My colleagues and I will attempt to answer technical questions, but we cannot undertake the task of educating users in how to do finite element analysis.

If you still want to download the code, I ask that you fill out the registration below to let me know who you are and how I can reach you if bugs are discovered. I also strongly request that you do not distribute the code to other interested parties-please refer them to this website. I attempt to keep this source code as "clean" as possible and will track down any bugs that are found in it (which has not happened in a few years, despite hundreds of users worldwide). However, I have frequently had users blame me for distributing a buggy code, only to discover they were using a version that had been "hacksawed" by someone else and that the bugs were not mine! So please have new users download their source code from this location.

In addition to the old, but very stable, program TECTON 1.51, you will also find a directory marked TEKTON 2.3. This is a much more advanced version of the TECTON code that employs sparse matrix storage methods and hence can solve 3-D problems quite efficiently. TEKTON 2.3 also incorporates a great deal more error checking and other enhancements users have requested, such as time-dependent material properties. However, it is not as thoroughly tested for bugs. If you use this version (most people are doing that these days!), please regard it as a beta-test version. I intend to upgrade TEKTON 2.3 very shortly to a version that solves the heat conduction equation simultaneously with the mechanical balance equations. That will be available as TEKTON 2.4. At the moment, none of these codes incorporate remeshing algorithms, but that is clearly the wave of the future.

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Last Updated: June 4, 1999