H. Jay Melosh

Welcome to the SALES_2 website! SALES_2 is a Simple Arbitrary Lagrangian-Eulerian Hydrodynamic Computer Code (hydrocode) for studying fluid flow at all speeds. The FORTRAN source code is available at this website, along with an example input file.

The original SALE was written by A. A. Amsden primarily as a teaching aid for introducing programmers to hydrocodes. Consequently, it is extremely tractable - comprising just over 4000 lines of code. This fact, together with its reliability and stability, have resulted in its continued use within the academic community for a wide range of problems including: Crater collapse, dynamic fragmentation and spallation. Despite its inherent suitability as an introduction to hydrocodes, however, newcomers to the field are recommended to investigate the subject area before attempting to use the code. For an excellent overview of the theory of hydrocodes please refer to:

An Overview of the Theory of Hydrocodes, Charles E. Anderson, Jr., International Journal of Impact Engineering, Vol. 5, pp. 33--59, 1987.

The code is copyrighted by H. J. Melosh and the University of Arizona. The necessity for this stern warning has arisen because of attempts of for-profit companies to market another of the codes available at this site (TEKTON) as their own product. SALES_2 has been developed over many years by numerous people and now includes modifications such as:

  1. Improved input file;
  2. Improved Tape-dump facility;
  3. Pgplot graphics routine;
  4. Multiple Material Facility;
  5. Addition of Grady-Kipp-Melosh fragmentation algorithm.

SALES_2 is distributed as a number of related files whose function you will find described in the associated readme file. The source code is heavily annotated, as it is expected that individual users will want to modify portions of it for their own particular problems. H. J. Melosh and his colleagues will attempt to answer technical questions, but cannot undertake the task of educating users in how to do hydrocode simulations.

If you still want to download the code, please fill out the registration below to let us know who you are and how we can reach you if bugs are discovered. We also strongly request that you do not distribute the code to other interested parties - please refer them to this website. We attempt to keep all our source code as "clean" as possible and will track down any bugs that are found in it. However, we have frequently had users blame us for distributing a buggy code, only to discover they were using a version that had been "hacksawed" by someone else and that the bugs were not ours! So please have new users download their source code from this location.

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Last Updated: November 4, 1999