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Course Title & Description

Special Topics in Planetary Science (3)
Course will emphasize emerging and current topical research in Planetary Science; course will be offered as needed or required. Sample course topics might include an active spacecraft mission, an emerging research area, or new discoveries.

The course is directed primarily towards graduate students in Planetary Science and undergraduate Planetary Science minors. Particular topics may be of interest to graduate students or advanced undergraduates in Astronomy, Physics, or Geosciences. The course can serve as one of the required electives courses for PTYS graduate students, as one of the required PTYS courses for undergraduate minors, and could be used to satisfy requirements for a Planetary Science Minor for graduate students from departments other than PTYS.

Field trips are a possibility for some special topics; examples would include visits to a telescope or local geological site.

Learning outcomes:
1. Students will demonstrate understanding of the special topic through in-class discussion and participation.
2. Some special topics will require students to acquire and demonstrate understanding and knowledge through independent scientific projects and research relating to the topic; other topics may require more hands-on applications.
3. Students will demonstrate understanding of the topic and acquired knowledge through assessment activities such as quizzes, exams, assignments.

Course may be co-convened with PTYS 595B. Graduate-level requirements may include an additional project for graduate credit and extra questions on exams, depending on the course/topic taught.