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A written essay on some aspect of solar system exploration is required. The essay can be on any topic of current interest, or a topic of special interest to the student. The essay should be between 3 and 5 pages long, roughly between 1000 and 1500 words, and will be graded both on content and presentation, including grammar, writing style, and clarity of presentation. Students are required to turn in both a first draft and a final draft.Late essays will not be accepted. Because the essay is a significant fraction of the final grade failure to turn it in on time will result in a very low final grade.

Both the first draft and the final draft must be submitted to the dropbox on D2L as well as a paper copy in class. The essay should be in PDF format, but microsoft word will also be accepted if the student cannot produce a pdf file. The file must contain the student's name and the title of the essay.

All essays, first and final drafts, will be submitted to turnitin.com to check for plagiarism.

This writing assignment counts as 30% of your final grade.

Essay topic due: September 6th     Note: Turn in a title and short (one or two sentence) description of your proposed essay. Your essay may be a review or critique of a particular scientific topic or a review of a popular scientific article (for example, from Scientific American, Discovery, etc.)

First draft due:
October 11        Note: This is not a “rough” draft, but a serious attempt at a report.  The first draft is worth 30% of the essay grade.

Final draft due:
November 20 . The final draft is worth 70% of the essay grade

Tips on writing your essay:

Academic Integrity:
It is strongly recommended that all students read the University of Arizona 's Code of Academic Integrity at http://dos.web.arizona.edu/uapolicies/. Direct copying from any uncited source is plagiarism and will result in a failing grade on the essay and possibly failure in the course.