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Homework will be given on Thursday of each week. Late homework will not be accepted. If you have a truly legitimate and serious excuse for not passing in the homework, we will calculate your grade adjusting for the missing homework. The lowest homework grade will be dropped from the final grade. It is a cardinal skill to be able to express yourself concisely and compactly, no matter what your chosen field may be. On many homework questions, you will be limited to a couple of sentences, and will be penalized for writing more. Your total homework grade counts as 30% of your final grade.

Homework and solutions will be posted here.

All homework sets will be posted in PDF format. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the homeworks. You can download Reader here.

Homework Sets

Homework Posted Due Solutions
Homework 1 23 Aug 30 Aug Download
Homework 2 30 Aug 6 Sep Download
Homework 3 6 Sep 13 Sep Download
Homework 4 13 Sep 25 Sep Download
Homework 5 18 Oct 25 Oct Download
Homework 6 30 Oct 6 Nov Download
Homework 7 6 Nov 13 Nov Download
Homework 8 27 Nov 4 Dec Download


Academic Integrity:

It is strongly recommended that all students read the University of Arizona's Code of Academic Integrity at http://dos.web.arizona.edu/uapolicies/. All students in this course are expected to abide by this code, which will be strictly enforced. Cheating will not be tolerated in any form. Direct copying from any uncited source is prohibited. Any instance of duplication in the homework or writing assignments will result in at least the loss of credit for the assignment grade. A stiffer penalty may be imposed if the situation warrants it, according to the judgment of the instructor. If a student is caught cheating on an exam, the penalty will be failure in the course.