THE EINSTEIN'S PROTÉGÉS PROGRAM. Students enrolled in this PTYS 170A1 course are invited to participate in the optional Einstein’s Protégés Program which is a holistic implementation of peer-assisted learning operated by the Teaching Teams Program. All participants join study skills improvement groups led by Einstein’s Protégés preceptors that meet weekly throughout the semester. Einstein’s Protégés preceptors enroll in LASC 297a to receive training in study skills development at workshops conducted by staff in the Teaching Teams Program.

Einstein’s Protégés is not a remedial program. Instead, the name projects a built-in image of success by reminding students who may be performing poorly by traditional academic standards, as did Albert Einstein in certain subjects (e.g., geography, history, languages), that they can still succeed by developing confidence, imagination, and good learning habits. Einstein's Protégés preceptors help participating students critically examine their study habits and attitudes and they recommend learning strategies that build on participating students' unique talents and interests. By combining positive feedback in a classroom setting with out-of-class peer mentoring, the Einstein's Protégés Program helps students develop confidence in their ability to build successful academic and professional careers.

CONDITIONS OF PARTICIPATION. Your instructor's expectations for participation in the Einstein’s Protégés Program are listed below. Participating students may drop out of the Einstein’s Protégés Program at any time, but remain enrolled in this NATS 101 course, without prejudice.


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