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PTYS 109L (1) Exploration and Discovery in Planetary Science

About This Picture
PTYS 109L gives students hands-on laboratory experience with tools and procedures used to reconstruct the origin and evolution of the Solar System. Activities include observations of planets, image processing, and studies of radioactivity, light, and gravity.

PTYS 109L is designed for non-science majors. It can be taken alone or with PTYS 106 or 107 (note that it is required with PTYS 106 and 107 to receive general education credit for lab science in the College of Arts and Sciences).

PTYS 109L is identical with ASTR 109L and GEOS 109L.

All sections meet in Space Sciences 330 (map available).

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Schedule Of Open Hours For SS-330

Spring 1999 Schedule for PTYS 109L
Section Time Days Instructor
1 2:00 - 4:50 Wednesday Larson
2 1:00 - 3:50 Thursday Larson

Check on class availability.

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