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Students who wish to prepare for a career in solar system research should include a strong background in the fundamental physical sciences as part or their undergraduate studies. Some majors to consider include Applied Mathematics, Astronomy, Atmospheric Sciences, Chemistry, Geosciences, and Physics.

Undergraduate students at the UA may obtain a minor in Planetary Sciences. The PTYS minor must include PTYS 403, 407, 411, and three other upper-division units in Planetary Science for a total of 13 upper-division units. The remaining 5 units are chosen by the student in consultation with a Planetary Sciences advisor from:

Atmo 441A, 441B, 541A, 541B;

Geos 419, 430;

Any other Ptys courses numbered 200 or above

This provides for an appropriate sequence of courses in Planetary Sciences that meets University requirements (minimum of 18 units of which at least 9 are upper-division) while allowing flexibility for the student to add complementary courses.

Download the Undergraduate Minor Approval Form