Nutritional Analysis
1 medium cucumber

Cucumbers are 96% water by weight!

Calories39% Calories from Fat7.8
Total Fat (g)0.4% Calories from Carbohydrates73.8
Saturated Fat (g)0.1% Calories from Protein18.5
Monounsaturated Fat (g)0.0% Refuse3.0
Polyunsaturated Fat (g)0.2Vitamin C (mg)16
Cholesterol (mg)0Vitamin A (i.u.)647
Carbohydrate (g)8.3Vitamin B6 (mg)0.13
Dietary Fiber (g)2.4Vitamin B12 (mcg)0
Protein (g)2.1Thiamin B1 (mg)0.07
Sodium (mg)6Riboflavin B2 (mg)0.07
Potassium (mg)433Folacin (mcg)39.1
Calcium (mg)42Niacin (mg)0.7
Iron (mg)0.8Caffeine (mg)0.0
Zinc (mg)0.6Alcohol (g)0.0

Daily Values:
% Daily Value (2000 Cal diet)% Daily Value (2500 Cal diet)
Total Fat (g): 0.41%0%
Saturated Fat (g): 0.10%0%
Cholesterol (mg): 00%0%
Sodium (mg): 60%0%
Carbohydrate (g): 8.33%2%
Dietary Fiber (g): 2.410%8%
Protein (g): 2.14%3%

Vitamin A: 13%Vitamin C: 27%Calcium: 4%Iron: 4%

This information was compiled using the Mac recipe program. Thanks to Elizabeth Turtle!

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Last Modified: January 30, 1997