The Phantom Tollbooth

by Norton Juster, illustrated by Jules Feiffer

Copyright 1961.

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Milo has nothing much at all to do -- until he drives through the Phantom Tollbooth. Beyond it lies a strange land and an even stranger series of adventures. Accompanied by a watchdog named Tock and the ever-grumpy Humbug, Milo sets out on a quest for Rhyme and Reason, hoping to settle the war between words and numbers along the way. Now that he thinks about it, he's got plenty to keep him busy after all.

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Phantom Phans

There's a whole lot of Phantom Phans out there -- Jessie Juster (same last name!), Amber Bowman, Gaby Paulino, Tina Aronis, Mary Kathryn Doggette, Linda Van Zandt, Wayne Wheatley, Nick Katsieris, Christine Jackson, Rick Patterson, Susan Riley, Shawn Bandy, Stephanie Anderson, Nathaniel Reichman, Jonny Thomson, Jesse U., Eva Brandt, Rocky Chang, Jeru B., Kenya Robinson, Karen Flaherty, Kathy Adams, Mike O'Brien, Peggy Luh, Roger Katz, Monica Massad, Becky Sullivan, Shelley Nathan, Dara Silverman, Kerry Rarere, Katy Watson, Michael Tedrick, Elliot Weissbluth, Jacqui Murray,, Winnie Rodgers, Julie Lindberg, Brian Priesman, Dreama Lynn, Irene Harris, Jonathan Tran, Heather Allen, Ralph Hammond, Mizuho Hokosawa, Adrian Tan, Ruth Pearl, Selina Rajani, Jules Joseph, Katie Kwapisz, Nick Kennedy, Rose Sandstrom, Abby Todd, Dan Bourg, Donna Wangard, Shawn Doherty, David Henshaw, Justin Slosky, and Deb Craft!

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