Norton Juster and Jules Feiffer:
Where are they now?

Norton Juster was a practicing architect and professor of environmental design at Hampshire College, and founded the archtechtural firm Juster Pope Frazier, in Shelburne Falls, MA. He lives with his wife in a small rural community in western Massachusetts. He continues to delight the public with author signings and appearances. Thanks to Phantom Phans Ron Clark, Shawn Bandy, and Kerry Lannert for this information!

The Boston Globe ran an article about Norton Juster in July, 2001, which states that he is now retired. You can also get more information, a recent picture, and a RealAudio clip of British schoolchildren with cute voices interviewing Norton Juster on the BBC webpage, here. Thanks to Phantom Phan Chelsea for sending these along!

Norton Juster did a booksigning in Los Angeles on Feb 10, 2001. Click here for the details!

The Tapestry Theatre Company and Other Hand Productions brought The Phantom Tollbooth to the Portland, OR stage, April 2002. Author Norton Juster was there for the openining night gala and several book -signing appearances in the area.

Jules Feiffer does political cartoons for an LA newspaper.

Unfortunately, I have no contact information for either man.

Last Modified: August 18, 2002