>> General Guidelines for Hosting Meals for Visitors to LPL


Frequently, we host visitors to LPL for lunch and/or dinner. These visitors > usually fall into one of the following categories:


> 1--candidates for a faculty position

> 2--colloquium speakers

> 3--other distinguished visitors

> 4--admitted graduate students

> 5--students who have not yet applied or been admitted, who are “passing

> through” and visiting at their own initiative and expense


Some questions have arisen regarding lunch and dinner protocols, and Mike > Drake has asked us to clarify the issues and convey some ground rules. These > are not meant to be dogmatic-just guidelines for your information.


We would prefer no more than 8 people at each meal (6 is preferred for > visiting prospective graduate students), including the candidate/speaker/> distinguished visitor/student (and his or her spouse if accompanying). As > this is a professionally oriented scientific meal, spouses of attendees > (other than the spouse of the candidate) are generally not to be included. > (Exceptions may be made on a per case basis when a non-scientific spouse is > accompanying a candidate or admitted graduate student. Please check with Joan Weinberg to request an exception.) It is the > responsibility of the host to select a restaurant within the recommended price guidelines listed below, make reservations if > necessary, and charge the meal on his or her own credit card. To expedite > reimbursement processing, receipts should be presented to the appropriate > person in the Academic Office with the names of each of the participants, > including the visitor, clearly printed on an accompanying sheet.


Ø       All student visitors

Ø       ................... Pam Streett (621-6954)

Ø       All other visitors including faculty searches, colloquia, and special events

Ø       All A..............  Norma Navarro (621-6963)

Graduate students, research associates, senior research associates, and > staff scientists are asked to please limit your restaurant selection to one > of the local ethnic establishments or other eateries in the approximately > $10 per person price range for lunch, and > $25 per person  price range for dinner. Suggestions include Blue Willow, the Garland, various pizza parlors, Indian cuisine, Chinese cuisine, etc.


LPL faculty hosting candidates and distinguished guests are given a bit more > latitude in the dinner budget, with a suggested maximum in the $40 > range per person (including tax & tip) price range.

If you exceed these guidelines for any reason, please provide a detailed letter of justification with your claim for reimbursement.


The > State of Arizona prohibits us from reimbursing people for alcoholic > beverages.

Our intention is to make the visitor feel welcome, but not to be extravagant.


> Thank you for your assistance. Please direct any questions regarding these guidelines to Joan Weinberg (621-2828).

updated 11/2006