Matthew Chojnacki

Professional Freestyle Aerial Skiing


I have been very fortunate to be a professional ski jumper for over 20 years, specifically Freestyle Aerial Skiing. As a Colorado native, I grew up with excellent access to winter sports and outdoor activities. I saw the sport of aerial skiing for the first time at the 1988 Calgary Olympics on television. It was the ultimate sport in my eyes with a great combination of speed, height, acrobatics, and the amazing potential for spectacular crashes! I joined a local ski team (Winter Park, CO) at age 14 and pursued the sport throughout high school with no real expectations except having fun and keeping fit. The rest is history!

I still love it! Although retired from snow jumping and the U.S. Ski Team since 2001, I still jump in the summer (a plastic surfaced ski jumps next to a Olympic-sized pool) at the Utah Olympic Park (Park City, Utah). There I perform corporate/public ski shows with current/past ski team members Flying Ace Productions and interact/coach with upcoming athletes. "Water-Ramp Shows" are the highlight of my summer!

~Career Highlights

  • 2001 Guinness World Record Holder (Snow Jump Degree of Difficulty)
  • 2000 & 1998 Water Ramping World Record Holder (Jump Degree of Difficulty)
  • 1998 Olympic Team Member Freestyle Aerials
  • 2002 Argentinean Olympic Aerial Coach
  • 1998 Olympic Trials Champion Freestyle Aerials
  • 1998 National Champion Freestyle Aerials
  • 1995/1997/1999 U.S. World Championship Team
  • 1995-2001 United States Freestyle Ski Team Member
  • Five World Cup Podiums
  • World Cup Winner
  • 3x Sprint Ultimate Airwave Champion

    ~My Jumps

  • USA Aerials | On The Rise - 2014
  • "Whats it like to fly?" - Torchbearer Article 2012
  • Flying Ace Productions - Flying Ace All-Stars UT Olympic Park Shows!
  • Warren Miller Snow World Record Jump
  • Waterramp World Record Jump
  • Triple Twisting Quad Flip
  • Waterramp Aerial Quad Training
  • POV - Utah Olympic Park Aerial Show - June, 2011
  • Flying Ace Production "Gold" with Pyro Water-Ramp show at the Utah Olympic Park 7.28.2012