About Me

Me in front of Halemaumau on the LPL Hawaii field trip in May 2014 (photo credit: James Keane).

I am a graduate student at the Lunar and Planetary Laboratory at the University of Arizona. My research interests include planetary interiors and surface processes. In particular, I am interested in how rocky and icy bodies lose their internal heat and how this heat loss affects the surface through tectonics and volcanism. I am also interested in other processes that change the surfaces of planets and moons such as impact cratering. With my Ph.D. advisor, Prof. Adam Showman, I am studying convection and magma migration in Io's mantle. I have also worked with Prof. Jay Melosh and Dr. Veronica Bray investigating the formation of central pit craters on Ganymede. Before arriving at the Lunar and Planetary Laboratory, I earned a B.A. in astronomy at Cornell University.