View west from the overlook near the trailhead.
Descending a steep rockfall a little ways down the trail.
Looking back up at the Redwall Limestone. The trail is somewhere in this image!
Looking north at the Colorado River.
The angular unconformity between the Grand Canyon Supergroup and more recent rocks.
The Dox Sandstone. Dave for scale.
Closing in on the river...
Ripples which appear to be migrating upstream due to an eddy.
Contact between dark lava and red sediments.
Stratigraphy at sunset.
Waking up on Day 2.
Looking upcanyon.
Lots of prickly pear in bloom.
Looking down at a small side stream from the Beamer Trail. There was a steep dropoff near the edge of the trail.
Mixing clear and silty water at the conjunction.
Looking back north on the way downcanyon.
Morning of Day 3.
Ascending nasty switchbacks near the trailhead.
Made it!
One last view of most of the route, from the Desert View overlook.