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Curtis S. Cooper, Former LPL Student

B.A. (Physics) 1999, Cornell University

Ph. D. (Planetary Sciences) 2006, UA/LPL

I completed my Ph. D. dissertation in Spring, 2006 on brown dwarf and extrasolar giant planet meteorologies with Professor Adam P. Showman. As a postdoc, I worked with Professor Alexander A. Pavlov on the atmosphere of the Archean Earth, with a view especially to characterizing the habitability of extrasolar terrestrial planets. Please email me at me.

Previously, I worked with Professor Jonathan I. Lunine to develop one-dimensional cloud models for planetary atmospheres.  The model calculates particle sizes for several important cloud-forming species.  It has been used to model the radiative effects of clouds in brown dwarf atmospheres and the upper atmosphere of the transiting extrasolar giant planet, HD 209458b.  In 2005, we released the source code used for this paper for general use by the community.

Also, check out my list of publications.

For lots of cool, non-astronomy related stuff (like my computer graphics and games projects, my participation in, and my online photo album), please visit my personal web page.

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