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OSIRIS-REx Celebrates Women in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math

The OSIRIS-REx Team has developed several resources for promoting celebrating women in STEM careers.



OSIRIS-REx Women Inspiring Innovation Through Imagination
Some of the women on the OSIRIS-REx team take a chance to share their roles on the mission as well as thoughts on what it means to be a woman in a Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) field.


We have booklists to encourage reading about women in science. One features asteroids in non-fiction and fiction, while another contains biographies of women in science as well as women in science fiction. Finally, we have two resources provided by NASA. The first is a booklist on space science, with a variety of topics. The second is a resource list of planetary books.

Women in Science Biographies and Science Fiction
Asteroids in Non-Fiction and Fiction
Planetary Books or the Classroom and Library!
Additional Resources from NASA for Libraries

PowerPoint Shows

These PowerPoint shows feature the biographies of women scientists, engineers, and mission managers. One is of women in planetary science, while the other is of women who play a role on the OSIRIS-REx Mission.

A PowerPoint show is a non-editable PowerPoint file which will only open in presentation mode.

PowerPoint Show of Women in Space Science
PowerPoint Show of Women on the OSIRIS-REx Mission

Word Search*

This word search features the names of women space scientists and provides information about their fields of work.

Word SEarch


Biographies of Women in Space Science

The OSIRIS-REx E/PO team has compiled biographies of just some of the women in space sciences. The first link is a 46.6 MB zipped file which allows a user to save all profiles at once. If desired, each profile may be downloaded individually from the other links which contain the name of the woman being highlighted.
All Profiles of Women in Space Science (46.6 MB)
Individual Profiles:
Sara Balram Kelly Miller
Nadine Barlow Maria Mitchell 
Jill Bechtold Katie Morzinski
Lora Bleacher Joan Najita
Veronica Bray Dara Norman
Sanlyn Buxner Ilaria Pascucci
Beth Ellen Clark Elisabetta Pierazzo
Kate Crombie Megan Reiter
Melissa Dykhuis Marcia Rieke
Heather Enos Elizabeth Roemer
Kate Brutlag Follette Colette Salyk
Katy Garmany Amy Simon-Miller
Vicky Hamilton Anna Spitz
Dolores Hill Christa Van Laerhoven
Jinyoung Serena Kim Faith Vilas
Ellyne Kinney Spano Connie Walker
Renu Malhotra Ann Zabludoff
Francesca DeMeo