Dyer's IR Page

A couple of near infrared images taken with a Canon G3 with a Hoya R72 filter (Wratten #89B) on Aug 2, 2003.
Warning, large images are 2272 x 1704.

Palm Tree, corner of Spring/Warren, SW
I left the image in color but removed the red color cast.

Click for large image.

Orange Trees and house, 1800 block of E. Spring St.
I removed color information from this image.

Click for large image.

Here is my first attempt at 'color' IR. I took a visible light image and an IR image with the camera on a tripod. Then, in photoshop, I combined the two images using the IR image for the RED channel, the red channel from the vis image for the GREEN channel, and the green channel from the vis image for the BLUE channel. Shown here is the visible light image, the IR image, and the composite COLOR-IR image. I think the color balance could be better and the contrast of the channels could be better. I will try this again!

Here is an image showing the light wavelength cutoff behavior for various infrared filters. The Hoya R72 has a 50% transmittancy at 720 nm and a 0% transmittancy at 680 nm.